William Djalal


William Djalal
aka SoulPixel


General Info

My name is William Djalal, I'm 20 years old and live in Germany, Berlin.

I study computer science at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin.

In my freetime, I develop videogames, create levels, draw pixel art and model small objects.

I'm experienced with Unity3D and Game Maker Studio 2
as well as tools like Blender and Gimp for creative work.

Programming languages I am familiar with are C#, GML, C, Python, Java.

My workflow mainly depends on communication with others
and the usage of version control with tools like git.

My main projects consists of videogames in which I put all of my affort and creative thinking in to.


Project Heavy Shotgun [Late 2018 - Now]

Project Heavy Shotgun is a first person action adventure game.
You are exploring a dying modern world full of mutated humans and other creatures.
Use your varied arsenal of weapons to get an upper hand in this one sided battle.

Direct Download

How About Spikes [Late 2017 - Late 2018]

How About Spikes is a 2D metroid-vania like platformer.
Fight your way through multiple enemy types and various hazards,
while exploring the world of Garden Valley.



Planet Spin [Mid 2017]

Planet Spin is a small arcade game, made in 72 hours for the "Ludum Dare" game jam.
Rotate your planet to fulfill the needs of the humans and vegetation, living on it.
Beware the meteorites, which fly from space to destroy the planet and destroy them with your planet shield.


The Pink Danger 2 [Late 2016 - Early 2017]

The Pink Danger 2 is a colorful 2D platformer.
You play as Sally, the adventurer, who is on a journey to understand why everyone she knows is gone missing.
Jump through 4 dangerous worlds, while trying to survive enemies, hazards and...minecarts?


The Pink Danger [Mid 2016]

The Pink Danger is my first ever 2D platformer.
The gameplay and overall structure is simple but very addicting.
There are also attempts at a level selection screen and a small boss fight.